Josh Kennedy

Josh Kennedy Bsc, MSc, ASCC

In 2011, Josh and Jamie Founded the Fitness Experience due to the obvious need for better clarity and guidance in the Fitness Industry. Since opening, Josh has delivered well over 10,000 Personal Training sessions, and has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their health, fitness, body composition and performance goals.

Josh is a Sport and Exercise Science Graduate from the University of Cumbria, is highly qualified through various bodies in exercise Nutrition, and is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Exercise Referral specialist. In addition to this, Josh is an Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach with the UKSCA, a certified weightlifting coach with British weightlifting, and recently completed his MSc in Strength and Conditioning through the University of Central Lancashire, for which he received the qualification of Masters Degree with distinction in Strength and conditioning.

Since founding Fitness Experience, Josh has been the involved in a huge variety of sessions, working with hundreds of individuals with varied goals. A small selection of these include cardiac rehab, clients undergoing treatment for various serious chronic illnesses, reducing pain and promoting correct pain free movement (including back pain, shoulder and hip impingement and more) as well as recovery from various bone breaks, surgery rehabs amongst other rehabilitation associated conditions. Josh has competed in several running based endurance events such as half marathons and 10km’s, but currently spends most of his own training working on strength and power.


Josh’s role as a Personal Trainer at the Fitness Experience has also allowed him the opportunity to focus on body composition improvements for both health and aesthetic purposes, and has helped a huge number of clients achieve staggering results with regards to changes in body composition, health and fitness. In addition to 1-1 Personal Training, Josh run’s seminars and workshops aiming to expand peoples applied knowledge of wellness and performance. Josh also offers Exercise and Performance consultancy, to help keep you moving in the right direction on your fitness journey. For more information on exercise consultancy, contact

Josh has a primary role as head of Strength and Conditioning within the business. This includes working with athletes (world class and early developmental to recreational athletes, and everything in between) to maximise performance in their sport. This includes ensuring highest possible chance of injury prevention in the sport, and maximising key physical attributes such as strength, speed and various other components to maximise the performance capability of the individual. Josh has worked in sports including boxing, football, swimming, long distance running, triathlon and many more. The age range of performance development clients Josh has worked with is from 12 years to over 70 years. For more information on Strength and conditioning, visit our Athletic Development page.

Throughout his roles Josh has worked alongside a wide selection of highly rated professionals, including strength coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists, nutritionists, osteopaths, psychologists, life coaches and more.Josh’s Current roles at the Fitness Experience include Personal training, head of Strength and Conditioning, Strength and Conditioning Coach, operations manager, programme development lead, exercise and fitness consultant and director.

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