Jamie Kennedy

‘Your body is your most precious asset -Who would you trust with it?’

Jamie began his career in Health and Fitness as a football coach in Burnley from where he progressed to work as a Fitness Instructor/Group Training Instructor at Burnley Football Club. From there he progressed into Personal Training working with clients ranging from people looking to generally improve fitness to current Premier League footballers. Jamie also managed  two local leisure facilities overseeing a wide range of adult and children’s fitness programmes.

Jamie took a step back from personal training new clients to concentrate on the business, however you will still see him in and around the gym with his longer term clients. Jamie is also available for online coaching programmes.

Jamie Vision was to open a Unique facility where his clients could train in comfort without feeling pressured in a large facility. Jamie’s idea was to open a facility where his regular everyday clients could train to the same standard as the professional athletes he worked with.  Jamie has the same approach to all his clients, firstly identifying specific needs then structuring a detailed timeline and plan to help the clients achieve what ever targets the set themselves. Jamie prides himself of the experience he has gathered in his 10 years of personal training and would feel comfortable he could help any client achieve their goals.

Since opening FX Fitness Experience in November 2011, Jamie now manages this rapidly growing business whilst still working with a range of clients with diverse personal training and fitness goals. His approach as a personal trainer is to tailor your workouts to suit your lifestyle and aspirations. No two people have the same circumstances so you need a customised programme tailored to you and your situation its only the . As your personal trainer his goal is to train your body and mind, by teaching you the fundamentals of fitness, helping you to establish a routine that you will stick to and ultimately achieve your personal goals. This principle applies to all clients whether you are a member of the public looking to generally improve your health or one of a current crop of Premier League and International Footballers working on performance enhancement.

Qualifications gathered over a 10 year period include,

Advanced Gym Instruction (level 3) , Nutrition (level 3), Studio Cycling, Fitness Assessment, Body Pump and recently Jamie became a member of the UKSCA (the UK Strength and Conditioning Association)  combining modules in weight lifting for sports performance, planning conditioning programmes and Plyometrics. This along with a wealth of experience in personal training and fitness programming has made Jamie a well recognised  professional in the the industry. He has also featured extensively in the media as a fitness expert passing on a wide variety of performance enhancement tips as seen in national news. He has also delivered programmes and courses  for schools, collages, football/cricket/rugby (and more) , local news columns and training providers.   

Want to know more? Email Jamie now on jamie@fitness-experience.co.uk

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