Andrew Bennett

‘I will work with your strengths to build your confidence & give you that feel good factor’


Andrew first started out as a fitness instructor in 2005 at Burnley Football Club where he worked closely with clients with widely varied levels of ability. This ranged from Children and Adults with various disabilities right through to professional sportsmen. Andy pursued and completed his Personal Training qualifications and went on to develop a standalone P.T. business as well as creating and delivering Coaching programmes for Juveniles.

In addition to his Personal Training qualifications Andy also holds qualifications as a Level 3 Health Trainer, Level 3 Nutrition, Body Pump Trainer and Kettle Bell Instructor. Andy is also a keen Boxing and Martial Arts exponent and is known to incorporate his range of skills in this area to many of the programmes he offers. This coupled with his 9 years in the industry allows Andy to bring additional components to the FX offering.


Since joining the Fitness Experience in January 2012, Andy now works closely with up to thirty clients at any given time. Following his initial consultation he designs bespoke programmes which are explained, tracked and evaluated.

He recognises that each person is different and all need varying degrees of care and personal support. In line with Fitness Experience philosophy Andy knows each of his clients personally which gives him the ability to assess their barriers to exercise and then build and coach a programme based on them and no one else. This understanding that no two people are the same is critical for their achieving their goals, and often helping someone change the small things will be the key to success in the long term.

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