Alex Cowie


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50% effort gives you 50% results I’m giving 100% are you? 

Before Joining the Fitness Experience team Alex found his niche of Holistic training and lifestyle by working in and managing a large chain health facility. He came into contact with a variety of clients and found that the majority of people suffer from stressful jobs and pressures and their gym
routines weren’t helping much , sometimes  hindering their health. Attending various courses and workshops he found a method of training that brought all aspects of fitness together to achieve a well balanced body which improved all round health, body composition and performance.
Since Joining FX Alex has furthered his education by digging deeper into nutrition and understanding how what we eat affects how our body reacts. Alex helps clients find strategies to achieve their goals through well thought out balanced nutritional plans.
‘Over the 4 years at FX I have taken what I have learnt from courses and applied it to real life scenarios taking 50+ sessions per week.  Each individual client poses different challenges along the way which I adapt to each person.  I have had the joy of taking people from pretty unhealthy backgrounds where their bodies don’t function properly and requiring medication to becoming fully functioning machines pill free! Seeing someone progress  when they walk through the door to each and every session is why I enjoy my work so much and embrace every new challenge  that I face and continue to learn through each and every client I see. ”

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