Josh’s 8 week Challenge. Who, What and Why?


Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Josh, one of the directors of FX Fitness Experience. I’m a fully qualified personal trainer, an accredited strength and conditioning coach and NOT an athlete. I have a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Cumbria, and an MSc in Strength and conditioning from the University of Central Lancashire. Since 2011, we’ve been dedicated to helping you achieve your performance, health and body composition goals. I’m used to having a busy lifestyle (as all fitness professionals, MSc Students and Business owners will likely know), but I’ve found over recent years that the “compromise” is my own fitness goals. To find out more about me, check out my Bio Page here.

For the next 8 weeks, I’m going to set myself a challenge. I want to improve everything that’s important to me in my own fitness journey. Recently, I’ve been ticking over with my training. I’ve done enough to stay in reasonable condition, but I’m ready to challenge myself, to see what i can do within this time. So, here are my goals. I want to lift.. well. I’m aiming to achieve personal bests in the snatch and clean and jerk.. the Olympic lifts… my personal favourite lifts, and ones I’ve neglected in recent months. This means not only will i look to continue to develop my technique, but also my strength. And if strength is going to be relevant, why not add an element of that into my goals. I want to PB in the front squat, deadlift and bench press too. Because why not. I suppose that’s pretty simple though. Simply improving technical skill and gaining strength and power should get me at least close to these goals. The issue (potentially) is, I need to run. I have a half marathon booked in about 8 weeks time. I’ve done several before, but always found it difficult to maintain my strength when adding a lot of running into my training. So, what’s going to give?

Nothing. I want to PR in that too. After all, I’m the lightest I’ve been for a while! Lastly, I want to look and feel in better shape- and to be honest for me, this means building some muscle mass and dropping a bit of fat. When I thought about it, I realised something. I want to get stronger, fitter and look in better shape- and who doesn’t?!  So that’s it, Clear goals for what i want to achieve.

The difficulty is, in theory, they work against each other. Building strength and improving key lifts (including the Olympic lifts) can work together well, but trying to balance this with a very limited timeframe to make huge gains in distance running performance, well that’s ambitious. On top of that, expecting to build muscle mass to the level of improving aesthetics alongside everything else, makes things difficult.

So, I thought what better way to approach this, than let you all know how I approach this, and why. I don’t expect anyone to read everything, or much to be honest, but if any aspect of this journey jumps out at you as helpful (Getting started….concurrent training, competing adaptations and interference effect…. optimising recovery….. monitoring training… useful technology in strength and endurance performance…. and many more! ), give it a read, follow the advice, and get yourself on the right path!

Thanks! If you have any questions, just let me know via email on, or via my social media (links below).




If you don’t already follow the pages, make sure you do, as these will contain additional video guidance for some of the key things to consider. Thanks, and wish me luck!





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