Get your ‘Summer Body’ with the FX NEW YEAR Offer

FX Fitness Experience offers  money saving Packages for individuals and groups. Block booking discounts apply to all our customers. If you are willing to commit to your goal, this deserves to be rewarded! Commit now and you’ll benefit from the offers below. Its not just about Personal Training – you’ll also get a personal diet plan, nutrition advice and motivational support from your Personal Trainer  – so no excuses. Start on your SUMMER BODY Now!

SPECIAL NEW YEAR  OFFER  (offers ends 15/02/15) – QUOTE ‘SUMMER BODIES’ 

6 sessions per month for 6 months = £120 a month (£30 per week) – This will give you enough time to train to meet you goals

or pay for a block of Personal Training sessions

8 sessions for £180

12 sessions £240



As of 20th January 2015  – here’s our latest Small Group Training Timetable

Our SMALL Group Training Classes are groups of 5-6 people (except for Bootcamp and Running Club)  – which supports our ethos at FX – Small, friendly and personal. So even if you join us for small group Training (instead of Personal Training), you’ll get a personal experience from our PT’s – making sure you get the best from EVERY workout. You could combine group training with Personal Training sessions too.

Here’s our latest Small Group Training Timetable. Please make sure you book on and reserve your space for each class. If you are new to FX – call in and speak to us about what classes would suit you. Let’s Train Together – We look forward to training you soon!


FX ‘Next Steps’ Event – A Huge Success

A goal without a plan is just a wishThe FX ‘Next Steps’ Event held on Sunday 28th September  on forthcoming changes at FX and nutrition/ diet was a huge success. We were overwhelmed by the turn out and positive feedback we received from clients.

 Over 50 people turned out to learn the science behind diets and nutrition and periodised programming at FX, with a chance to sample products and understand more about   ‘macros’ (how you balance your  proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet) which FX Fitness are experienced in to  assess you and come up with a formula that is personal to you.  

The 6 Personal Trainers at FX Fitness delivered several presentations  to get clients focussed on their ‘NEXT STEPS’ with FX, as well as news on our new website, new packages and launch of our NEW 12 week ‘Body Transformation’ . The event ended with a lively  Q & A session and a bit of socialising at the bar! We’re supporting our clients on their FX journey to health, fitness and wellbeing. Look out for details our next FX seminar coming soon.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Personal Training Burnley Personal Training Burnley Personal Training Burnley

Team FX Face ‘the Toughest Event on the Planet’ at Tough Mudder North West

A team of 17 fitness fanatics from  FX Fitness Experience in Burnley took on the toughest, muddiest obstacle course challenge of their lives at the North West  Tough Mudder event in Cheshire on 13 September.

‘Team FX’, from the Fitness Experience Personal training centre, Burnley put a team of 17 men and women from age 22 to 56 through the challenging endurance course . A family owned business meant that Mum- Sue Kennedy and 2 her sons Jamie and Josh (all Personal Trainers at the centre) undertook the course together with 14 clients and staff who train at the Personal Training centre.

FX Tough Mudder North West

Tough Mudder is a hardcore 12 mile obstacle and mud run event designed by British Special Forces to challenge the toughest of the tough. Electric shocks, icy water and endless filth – Tough Mudder is the endurance test that throws everything at its competitors. By the end of 2014 two million men and women aged 18 and over will have entered a Tough Mudder event.  It even requires entrants to sign a death waiver!FX Tough Mudder North West

For most of us running 12 miles is challenge enough. A Tough Mudder course covers 12 miles of relentlessly muddy, hilly terrain. It hurls  up to 20 sadistic roadblocks in your way from Electroshock Therapy -a curtain of live wires that emit 10,000 volts of electricity to ‘The Arctic Enema’ where participants plunge into a dumpster filled with ice water. You have to dive down to pass under a plank that crosses the tank to  emerge on the other side. At the ‘Funky Monkey’ you will find a long run of butter- and mud-greased monkey bars at various inclines. The course is so difficult (‘Probably the toughest event on the planet,’ the Tough Mudder branding shouts), you enter as part of a team. Team support is vital and Team FX demonstrated a collaborative spirit and grit and determination to get them through the course, which took about 4 hours. 

To prepare the team for Tough Mudder – Personal Trainers Jamie, Josh, Sue, Tom, Andy and Alex put on special 2 hour long Bootcamp classes up Pendle Hill involving assault course type exercises and water challenges, as well as a gruelling Personal  Training sessions and running clubs for weeks leading up to the event. With only 4 weeks to train – it really was a challenge!FX Tough Mudder North West

‘It was the best Team event we’ve ever done for Team spirit and camaraderie and everyone loved and hated it at the same time! I ‘m so proud of all our Tough Mudders who were of mixed fitness ability and ages who conquered their fears from mud, heights and enclosed spaces. We literally dragged each other through at times and I feel proud that FX helped them all achieve that . It was a fantastic team effort – every one of us wants to do it all again next year  and I reckon we’ll be taking a team of 30 plus to tough Mudder 2015 – so we’re starting training now!  

Said Jamie Kennedy, Personal Trainer & Fitness Manager at FX FitnessFX Tough Mudder North West

Jamie Kennedy from FX Puts You Through Your Paces for the 2014 Pennine 10K

Top training Tips from Jamie for getting fit for the Pennine 10k on Sunday 22nd June 2014


Some of you will be reading this thinking one of two things – either how are you ever going to be able to run 10k? Or for the more experienced runners, the distance may not be the issue, but you may be aiming for a personal best. Hopefully we can get started this week and help you make the day as enjoyable as possible.

Before anyone starts training for the run you need to ensure that you are fit enough to do so. We have nine weeks so take your time and don’t start by going beyond your capabilities, as this could cause injury and set you back. If you do not know your current fitness levels then it would be a good idea to get down to your local park, for example the beautiful Towneley Park, and start with either a walk or jog around it to see how you get on.

If possible, try and record the distance you complete on this initial run, the time it takes and rate it one to 10 for difficulty. You can track your distance using one of many handy smartphone run-tracker GPS applications. If you are unsure please consult your GP before you start the training to ensure your health is adequate.

If you already know you can run 10k and want to improve your time then why not try the route with a friend and decide what area you need to work on.

By doing this you will be able to plan your training to ensure it is appropriate, and remember it is vital to include an adequate warm up and cool down before and after each session. I always suggest that my clients ensure their diet is appropriate for their training. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when training for an event.

When you exercise, your body needs a good balance of food groups. Carbohydrates are generally essential to any training programme for sport, as they are the predominant energy source for most moderate to high intensity exercise.

Protein and fats are essential for several bodily functions. Protein is vital with regards to recovery and injury prevention. It is also important to include some healthy fats in your diet such as olive oil, nuts, avocados, and oily fish.

Healthy fats have a positive effect on hormone balance and many signally processes within the body (and much more) as well as both protein and fats contributing as a fuel source during the run.

If you are unsure what types of food are most beneficial then take a look at The Fitness Experience Personal Training Centre page on Facebook.

I suggest to my clients to eat fruit 20 minutes before training as it helps provide carbohydrates to the body for energy, and a balanced meal soon after finishing the session to help your body replenish the glycogen (carbohydrate) stores it has depleted during training. A common belief is that if you are trying to lose weight then a reduction in carbohydrate intake is necessary. However, if you are training for a run this may have an adverse effect on achievement. Please ensure you work off a professional nutrition plan to maximise performance as a healthy and balanced diet, that suits your needs, is the key to success.

Get out and give it a go, or if you think you need a little more help before you start call FX for a Free Consultation on 01282 454788.

The Pennine 10k takes place on Sunday, June 22nd. For more information or to enter, you can visit

Or visit the Burnley Bondholder website page for more blogs and  information about great burnley businesses, news & events