Free Consultation

In order for us to assess what methods of training and nutrition the client needs we go through a thorough consultation process. This enables us to have the right package in place for the goals of the client and set them up for success on their journey with FX. 

Your trainer will go into detail about your prior training experience, successes and things that haven’t worked so well. This step is important as we will know what motivates you and give you the right exercise routine to suit your needs and wants. 

The next step is finding out what you want to achieve and why. We split the goals into 4 categories, these are:

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Rehab and movement enhancement
  • Sports specific – event

With our years of experience working with 100’s of diverse clients we feel everyone will fit into each of these categories at some point in their fitness journey. You may start your journey  with one goal and move on to a completely opposite goal with us. For example you may come for rehab with a slipped disk in your lumber spine and move into a marathon program. 

We like to get into the psychological reasons for you wanting to achieve your personal goals. This maybe you have a dress to get into that a few years ago you could fit into but now doesn’t fit the way it should. If we know why we can help motivate and drive you towards achieving your goal and keeping you on track. 

Once we know your goals and the reasoning behind them we go in to specific testing and information gathering processes. For example if your goal was to increase your lean tissue for your biceps we may not get you running on a treadmill testing your aerobic capacity. It may be interesting to know but won’t be specific to your goal. 

We may also encourage you to keep a food diary so we can monitor your eating habits and lifestyle away from the gym. This information along with your body composition testing will help greatly when we put together your nutritional plan. 

The consultation is free of charge and will last roughly 30 mins. To book your now, call 01282454788.