Muscle Building

Build Muscle at FX Burnley 12 week transformation

Here at FX we pride ourselves on the variety of training specialities that our personal trainers deliver. The foundation of all these training methods however is based upon muscle maintenance and muscle growth. Whatever your goal that you want to pursue with us may be, there will be an element of muscle building training included within your programme. 

If your goal is to lose weight then your FX personal trainer will be emphasising the importance of muscle maintenance during your programme. This will help your body to lose more body fat and make your weight loss more sustainable. 

If your goal is to add muscle mass and look ‘bigger’ then a muscle building plan is the only way to go. Not only this but your diet and nutrition will be of extreme importance as well. With of all our trainers connected with Fitness Experience Nutrition and Supplements Ltd you will have the best guidance and support possible while you complete your programme. 

Our personal trainers also have a wealth of experience working with athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen and so if your goal is to improve sports performance then FX is the place for you. Muscles are everything when it comes to sport. We will help you to look after your muscles, including training them specifically for your sport and educating you in the recovery process so to get the optimal performance possible out of your body.