As Fully Qualified Nutrition Coaches, all of the personal trainers here at the Fitness Experience know the importance of having the right diet to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, with all the “quick fix” diets you hear about, and all of the incomplete knowledge of some self proclaimed “Nutrition Experts”, its easy to get lost between what actually works, and what doesn’t. Understanding your diet is Vital, and we will help you through this every step of the way. All staff  you get the best possible nutritional advice, based on science and facts (and of course, results).



Sponsored Atheletes
Fitness Experience is currently working closely with a number of athletes including Burnley FC’s Kieran Trippier providing not only tailored diet plans for sports performance, but also HFL tested supplements, ensuring the best quality and safest results for any athlete.

We can stock all major brands including USN, Phd, Met-RX, Optimum Nutrition, Reflex Nutrition, and more.

Nutrition is vital in the progression of the body, and ensuring maximum adaptations to training. Proper nutrition means we can achieve the results we set out for, smash through training plateaus and feel great throughout the journey. To consider exercise and training separate from nutrition will always lead to sub-standard results. To maximise your potential, whatever your goal, a fully individualised and tailored nutrition plan is necessary.

Proper nutrition is vital to success, whatever your goals. Weight loss, body composition improvement, muscle gain and even performance development all rely hugely on appropriate nutrition. Over the past few years we have worked with a huge range of clients, including hundreds of people looking to gain health and fitness. We have also worked with a range of celebrities and athletes, providing high quality nutritional advice and popular sports supplements. These clients include football stars such as Danny Ings, Jay Rodriguez, Kieran Trippier and Oliver Norwood. 

For more information on how we can help you, please see the various sections under the FX Nutrition and Supplements heading, or get in touch with Josh.