FX Athletic Development Programme

Welcome to The Athletic Development Programme

Here at FX Fitness Experience, our strength and conditioning professionals are on hand to help you to rise to the top of your sport, and stay there. 


We work hard to ensure we create a culture of high level performance within the programme, based on respect, hard work, and professionalism. Whether you are already an athlete competing at a high level, a young athlete looking to maximise your potential, or simply looking to take on a new challenge, we are here to help. The Strength and Conditioning programmes are available as fully individualised training programmes, or team training programmes. Please email josh@fitness-experience.co.uk for more information, or fill out the contact us tab on the website!


About The Coach 

Our Athlete Development Programme is directed by Josh Kennedy MSc, ASCC. Josh is Co-Owner and Director or FX Fitness-Experience, and has a range of the highest level of Performance Qualifications including a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Cumbria, an MSc in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Central Lancashire, and is an Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach with the UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA). Josh also has qualification in Weightlifting, Nutrition, Genetics informed training and more. For a Full Bio, please Visit Josh’s Page on the main Site. 

“It’s now so difficult for athlete’s to have a clear understanding of how to get better! So often I see very simple, common and easy to fix errors in training programmes leading to athletes missing out on their opportunity to really maximise their potential, and leaving them vulnerable to injury, illness and consistently average performance. BUT YOU CAN DO BETTER! Often, it’s not that you’re not working hard enough, just that the quality of work is missing (along with the entire recover process!). If you want to perform at your best, get in touch today. Sometimes, some very simple changes can transform your performance. Other times, it’s not that simple, but hard work pays off when done correctly (and only then!).  So get in touch today, and take your first step to the next level of performance.”



Here’s what Some of Our FX ADP Client’s Think… 


Joe Crawford- age 15, North West 4x Regional Boxing Champion and England Talent Development Junior Boxing

“Josh has been an essential part of my development. I don’t need to worry about my general fitness, power or making weight.

This allows me to focus on technical areas whilst being confident that my fitness, strength and power are all taken care of in the Strength sessions at FX”. 




Ben Frechette- Regional Level Competitive Fell Runner

“Overall I cannot praise Josh and all the Team at FX enough. Josh’s knowledge and skills have been invaluable in helping me to achieve my goals”. 




Grace Bullock- NCAA D1 Soccer Player, Georgia Gwinnett

“Josh helped me to get back in shape after a serious knee injury, allowing me to finish my season strong in preparation to start my Soccer Scholarship”




Kerry Holding- NCAA D2 Swimming, Carson Newman

“Josh has helped me to ensure I’m ready for every season. I train with Josh in the off Season when I’m home from University, and always make some key progress over

the off season/ pre season to my physical limits. This means I’m always ready for the physical challenges my season can bring” 




Waqas Azam- Semi Professional Football player

Josh taught me a great deal in my time working with him, helping me to achieve PB’s in strength, and develop my fitness levels and explosive power to really develop my game”