Bootcamp Testimonials

I have mixed emotions from my 1st experience at FX. It was a Bootcamp session & although I liked it I found it REALLY difficult. I felt really dizzy and sick towards the end towards the end & had to sit for 30 minutes recovering while Jamie looked after me, gave me a protein shake, told me about nutrition around exercise and reassured me if I kept it up it would get easier. It did - after that I was back at Bootcamp 2x a week and addicted! I lost 1&1/2 stones in weight & dropped a dress size fairly quickly. Following that I then did a few months PT which helped me tone up, gain some muscle weight and maintain my dress size! I can't remember how long I've been coming to FX now, I know it's more than 18 months. I now attend 4 classes a week; HIIT, Pilloxing , Pump, and Myofascial and love all of them! In August I did 6 weeks of PT - to have a refresher on lifting techniques, a diet review and to give myself a fitness benchmark. I would like to do this again in January (after Christmas), and then probably repeat it in July/ August 2015 just to make sure I am still on track. My fitness level & body shape has completely changed since that 1st Bootcamp class & I couldn't have done it without the FX teams guidance & support. Friends have asked me why I don't go to 1 of the many gyms in town - seeing as I mostly do classes not PT. I tell them it's because at FX you feel like a member of the family and are looked after accordingly. The trainers know what you are capable of and keep pushing and motivating you. There is no "slacking" - and if occasionally you do so you are told (firmly but politely) to step it up! Plus there is a great"team spirit" feel amongst the gym members & trainers with plenty of challenges available e.g. 10k runs, Tough Mudder etc. I am afraid I won't be joining the running club - despite Sue & Alison's best recruitment attempts, but I might be tempted to try Tough Mudder next year!"

Shelley Heap