Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and Yoga is recommended by leading physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors, and is considered safe for people with back, knee, hip and shoulder problems because the programme of exercises is safe and effective and will help work on your posture, balance and core strength. The exercises work on the deep structures of your muscles and through a sequence of movements help to strengthen and tone. 

At the FX Studio we have classes from beginner to advanced levels. Pilates and Yoga classes can include the  use a variety of equipment including therapy bands, wobble boards and foam rollers. The exercises work on challenging the deep abdominals, back and buttock muscles working through a sequence of movements and exercises that help to strengthen and tone to improve your poise, body awareness and muscle tone. It’s a great class to attend to prevent or rehabilitate after injury.

Class Times & Information – Please Check as Class Times are subject to change

Cost from  £8 a class. Courses also available 

Speak to Sue our Pilates  and Yoga Expert for times and availability

Suitable for men and women.  Sessions usually involve exercises on mats. You are welcome to bring your own Yoga mat. Group classes are kept small to ensure individual attention (maximum of 6). Enquire for prices of One-on-one sessions.

What to wear:  You will need to wear suitable clothing like a t-shirt,  gym top, shorts or gym trousers; exercises are normally performed in bare feet.

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