1:1 Fat Loss

Here at FX, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to your Personal Training programmes.  Your Personal Training journey at FX starts with your free consultation during which time one of our highly qualified PT’s will gain some background knowledge about you, conduct fitness assessments, carry out a postural assessment and start to educate you about a healthy nutrition. This is all designed so we can agree on your goals and how, together, we will attain them.  

All our 1-1 programmes are tailored to each individual client – no one programme is the same. We are not like normal gyms where you may get a ‘workout card’ or a set routine to follow. Our programmes are over a long-term basis where we will plan what to focus on and when. Your programme will be designed around your goals and your needs. 

The other benefits of our 1-1 programming are that you not only get just 1 personal trainer working hard for you, as you may do with stand-alone PT’s, but 7! Here at FX we have a team of 7 highly qualified and experienced personal trainers, with various specialities, who work together to create the best exercise and nutrition programmes you will ever need. Our personal trainers have worked with a variety of clients and so whatever your needs or goals, our PT’s will have the solution to work into your exercise and nutrition plans.