Exercise Execution Tips from PT Ryan

There any many many people performing exercises wrong in the gym and wonder why they are not progressing. 

Anyone can go into the gym and push, pull or move a weight from A to B. It’s a skill to actually contract the muscle against the weight lifted. If you can’t feel that muscle working, drop the weight and squeeze it as hard you can. 

Here are a few exercises not just regarding form, technique but tips to make them more effective. Check out the next 3 blogs! 

Exercise 1 – Lat Pull Down

Many many people do this one very wrong and hardly recruit any of the last muscle fibres.. 

The first part of the video, shows me swinging and lean way back making the moemvent more into a row rather than a pull down. Yes I could lift more weight but how much of the lays are you contracting? Very minimal!

Second part is correct form, were I am looking to gain a full stretch at the top (keeping tension) in my lats. I am then lowering my shoulder blade, retracting my scapula to enable full lat contraction. 

Take away tip for a wide Back: Look to arc and pull your elbows wide then drive them down. Keeping your abs tight will stop you turning it into a row and also arching your back. 

Read next blog for Squat tip… 

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