Easy go to meals 

Meals made easy with pack load of nutritents!! 

People often struggle with what to eat for breakfast and lunches while at work or when out driving for work.. 

Check out my go to meals that don’t take long to prepare and store. 

Breakfast Meals: 
Protein Pancake – 3 whole eggs, 80-100g oats, 1 chopped banana & Cinamon. 

Whisk eggs and oats together in a jug, place contents in the frying pan, 2min each side. Place banana on top of pancake with sprinkle of cinnamon 👌
High Protein – Complexed Carbs – Healthy Fats! 

Omelette (No Picture) – 3 whole eggs, splash of almond milk, Hanful of spinach, chopped mushrooms with a sprinkle of cheese. Takes 10-15min Max!!! 

Weekend Breakfast – 3 low fat pork sausages, 2 whole eggs, handful of spinach & 1 bagel. 

What’s not to like??!!

Lunch Time/ Evening Meals: 
Handful of broccoli, Tinned/ Tuna Steak, chopped avocado baked with 2 eggs.. 

These Can be warmed up or eaten cold!
High Protein – High Fats & Fibre! 

Honey chicken – Per portion! 1 chicken breast, hand full broccoli, mange tout and 1 sweet potatoe. Seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, honey and olive oil. 

Turkey Mince Wraps – 150g turkey mince, 2 handfuls of spinach, 2 Tortila wraps (brown would be better). Seasoned with salt, pepper, turmeric, paprika, chili powder. Finished with handful of broccoli or other of your choice. 

Thai green chicken curry -(lower carb option). Included Garlic, Thai Green Curry Paste (didn’t make my own but ready made stuffs easier!) soy sauce, chicken breasts, coconut milk, chicken stock, mushrooms, red pepper, brocolli, kale, green beans, manjetout, bit of salt and pepper. 


Night Time Oats – 150g oats, chopped banana, semi skimmed or almond milk (all blended). Microwaved with added total Greek yoghurt, flaxseed, cinnamon and finished with peanut butter cupcakes 😜

As long as you have high protein source (meat, fish or eggs) with handful of Vegetables, and complexed carbohydrates, you can’t go wrong. Make it tasty and interesting! Mix your Veg, seasoning so it doesn’t become boring!!!

Give these a try and Please leave comments below and let me know your thoughts… 

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