Chris Nicklin FX Personal Trainer. 


Chris comes from an extensive sporting background and shows a passion for fitness, football, Thai-boxing and skiing. At the age of seventeen he began his experience within the fitness industry working with Burnley Football Club as a Football Coach. Chris’ passion for exercise and sports fuelled him to obtain his degree in BSc Sports Coaching and Performance Development. During this experience, he also worked at other Professional Football Clubs including Bolton Wanderers, allowing him to gain extensive knowledge of fitness and training techniques used within an elite environment.

Broadening his skills, Chris followed his passion for fitness abroad to California, where as a lead football coach he mentored coaches at various clubs. In order for his fellow coaches to establish more desirable training regimes for their teams, he introduced his philosophies and experiences to the American game.

Since returning to the UK, Chris has developed his expertise as a Personal Trainer within a top Health Club, working with both adults and children. He uses high intensity training, resistance work and strength conditioning to help clients achieve individual goals. Chris believes that regular exercise has significant physical and psychological benefits enhancing quality of life and reducing the risk of long term ill health; he likes to share this belief with his clients. Chris has initiated various training programmes for SAQ and Youth Sport Trust where he targeted under privileged children allowing them to share in his philosophy of the importance of exercise and the ill-effects of low levels of activity.

Through his extensive experience, Chris places great importance on devising personalised training programmes, helping his clients to excel. The advanced coaching methods he uses allow him to cater to clients’ individual needs, performances and goals. His supportive, positive and encouraging approach has been successful in achieving fantastic results leaving clients feeling “challenged and rewarded” by their progress with Chris as their personal trainer. The individual programmes and attentive client care that Chris provides enables clients to have fun whilst in the gym and develop confidence; allowing them to maintain a positive attitude to exercise and achieve life goals.

Current Qualifications include; BSc Sports Coaching and Performance development, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 2 Gym Instructor, Studio Cycling, Circuit Training, Gym Based Boxing, Sports Nutrition, SAQ Fundamental Movement, SAQ Early Essential Movement Patterns, SAQ Jab and Move and F.A. qualified in Football and Futsal.