Carb Cycling For Fat loss & Hypertrophy Part 2

Carb cycling for hypertrophy is slightly different, because this is when we focus on utilizing the properties of insulin. Basically Insulin influences the amount of amino acids and glucose transported to the muscle cells. Increased intake of both of these will help fire up cell hydration and drove protein synthesis. 

Planning your routine 

A well planned routine of carb cycling will aid with increased lean muscle mass by utilizing insulin and decreases excess fat gain by varying the amounts of carbs you eat each day. 

To start carb cycling for hypertrophy pick a training Split that best suits you. From that routine select a high carb day, medium carb day & low carb day. 

An example could look like this, with quantities: 

Legs – High Carb Day (250g)

Chest & Back – Medium Carb Day (150g)

Shoulders – Medium Carb Day (150g)

Arms/ Rest – Low Carb Days (50g)

A good starting point with quantities is 1-3 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight. 

Carb Selection 

Now moving towards processed refined carbs rather than natural complexed carbs will lead to more fat gain and could limit your hypertrophy response. For most meals I would stick to low (slow releasing carbs) and post workout carbs ( high fast releasing carbs), this will be beneficial in catabolic affect after a workout. 


Now it’s so important to keep track o your own progress. If you begin to gain fat to fast or gain weight to slowly then you may need to re adjust your carb & calorie quantities slowly. 

Carb cycling is not complicated. It’s very simple you just have to play around and work out what works for your body and your goals. 

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