Muscle Building Testimonials

“I have been coming to FX for just over a year now. I had been a member at a gym for years attending many classes, but seemed to have hit a plateau with my fitness and physique. My first aim was to improve my running and within 2 months I had achieved my personal best half marathon time by taking over 7 minutes off my time! Since then I have been discovering weights and have found that this has given me the inspiration to change my physique and become stronger. Whatever my goals are, the guys at FX are always there to guide me and ensure I am constantly improving. FX is like home from home, with a family environment, where I feel comfortable and always look forward to going. I am excited about where ' the next step' at FX will take me!!”

Joanne Black

“Organised programmes help me achieve my goals. Personal training that motivate and push your fitness (no Cheating). Good atmosphere in a very well maintained gym. Friendly trainers that are always willing to answer any questions on fitness or dietary requirements. Expect a big improvement in your fitness and training programme changing where necessary rather than getting into bad habits of repeated sessions with no benefit to yourself.”


In 2013 we took 15 members to Edinburgh and 20 or so running the pennine 10k for charity. our runners range from top finishers to people who have never ran before!

We Ran a 4 week challenge for all of the members and this is Gareth who gained 8lbs of muscle and lost Fat.

Gareth Panelle