Fitness Testimonials

"We have been clients at FX Fitness experience for two and a half years, during that time they have helped us to achieve our goals of being fitter healthier and lighter.

FX Fitness Experience is not just a gym they listen and formulate a training plan to help you achieve your goals, with their expertise, dedication and enthusiasm, it's like having a really good friend who is willing you to do well and wants to help you along the way. The atmosphere in the centre is always warm and friendly - there is always a really good atmosphere, even though everyone that is there works really hard to achieve their goals.

We now see health and fitness as a way of life, they have helped us change our whole outlook about how to look after our bodies, and informed us about the benefits of the right nutrition.They have formulated diet plans specific to our needs, making meal planning much easier. Since being clients, we have completed two half marathons , 10K runs and a Tough Mudder. Not bad for 2 couch potatoes aged 50 & 56.

If like us you have been unhappy with your lifestyle and need to lose some weight or just get fitter , but change seems a little daunting. Please pick up the telephone and speak to one of the personal trainers, they are really friendly and totally non-judgemental, you will be amazed at what you can achieve with the help of the dedicated team at FX."

Dawn and Mick Greenwood PT Clients smiling at Tough Mudder

Dawn & Mick Greenwood

“I did really well in my first season at Burnley. I think everyone was wondering whether it was just a one-off season and whether I could do well again. In the first few games I just wasn’t myself.I felt like I was overweight and that got to me a bit. When the new manager came in he recognised what was wrong.

At this Point I decided it was time to get some expert help with my fitness and was recommended to see Jamie at The Fitness Experience to help me prepare for the season. I’ve done well for myself and my body this summer, I’ve treated it well. I could feel myself flying.

“This season is going to be even better for me I think. The fans and the manager are going to see the best of me. This pre-season has been one of the toughest pre-seasons that I’ve ever done. I already feel fitter than I’ve ever been thanks to Jamie & FX.”

Keiron Trippier - Burnley FC/ Championship Team of the season 2012/2013

"I was terrified of going to the gym as I am over 50. I have lost over a stone in weight since the gym opened, and I am more mobile than I have been in years. I can’t thank Jamie and the Team enough."