Fat Loss Testimonials

Prior to starting my training at Fitness Experience, I was overweight and unhappy with the way I looked and my level of fitness. I began training with Alex in November of 2013 and now I could not be a more confident person. I have lost twenty eight pounds of fat! (2 stone) and gained a significant amount of muscle. I train with Alex three times a week and enjoy the challenges set in each session. Despite the complexity of the syndrome I currently live with (insulin resistance) the nutrition advice provided, was more than any health professional could ever offer me; it was suited to my needs and preferences. Through all the hard work, the FX team have been an amazing support system, continually motivating and encouraging – in supporting me in my goals.
Samantha Atikut Testimonial FX Weight Losssamantha-2

Samantha Aykut

“We decided to join FX due to us both needing that extra motivation and challenge with our training, and signed up on a 2-1 Personal Training package.

As we both wanted to lose weight, tone up and improve our fitness, a training and diet plan was devised to help us achieve our common goals, and to also meet our individual requirements.

Training together has benefitted us both, as it is fun, motivating, and as sisters, there is always that competitive edge! It is also encouraging to see each other progress, and we do not want to let each other down by missing a session.

Working with FX has changed the way we will train forever, and thanks to the enthusiasm, support and encouragement of the trainers, we are seeing results, gaining confidence, and look forward to each and every session.”

jen and kate testimonial in bootcamp

Jen Ashton & Kate Myers

I was inspired to join The Fitness Experience after bearing witness to the incredible progress my sister made over the course of just a few months. My journey began in May of this year, and over the summer I have lost a total of 18lbs and gained muscle; not only that, I have felt a significant improvement in not just my mental and physical capabilities, but my self-esteem and confidence.

Weight and my inability to lose it has always been a problem, but upon meeting the FX team I felt welcome and accepted. In spite of the nature of the illness I have (PCOS and Insulin Resistance) the nutritional advice offered and their understanding of the human body meant that, for the first time, many questions that had gone unanswered by medical professionals, were finally satisfied.

I still have quite a way to go but so far I am delighted with my progress. All I can say is a big thank you to my personal trainer Sue Kennedy, and all of the FX team.

Natalie Aykut Testimonial FX Weight Loss

Natalie Aykut

"Lost over 5 stone in 4 months with a personal training, diet & fitness plan to enable him to run the Pennine 10k on 2nd June 2013. Jeff smashed all his personal goals and raised over £15,000 for local charities! Well done Jeff – and he is still here training with us now getting fit for life. It really has been a life changing journey for Jeff."

Jeff Brown

“Just done my final weigh-in before I go to Marbella this weekend! (August 2013) So pleased with my overall results over the past 4 months at The Fitness-Experience Personal Fitness Training Centre .. My total Fat Loss is 24lbs, which is a 10% drop in Body fat  and a combined inch loss of 15.5 inches!… Just goes to show that a healthier diet and working hard in the gym gets real results instead of following fad diets or supplements you always see advertised on here! Would definitely recommend FX as the place to go to reach your goals as losing weight is HARD work! Still have a bit of a way to go but so proud of my before and after pics so far.”
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"Thought you might like to see how far along you guys have taken me (so far) started out at 15st 10lbs and after working with Jamie, Josh,Alex, Andy and Sue at Fitness-Experience got down to 12st 4lbs and a resting heart beat of about 45ish ….shaved a good 15mins of my 10k times and managed to start doing half marathon distance ….couldn’t have done it without you guys ! Can’t rate you high enough ! Thanks and thanks again! Craig"

Craig McQueenie