Welcome to a better way to train

In 2011, we recognised that the knowledge and service people received on their fitness journey just wasn’t enough. We’d seen it all before. The gym management wasn’t concerned with the client achieving goals, just that they continued to use the facility. The client was looking for advice on how to progress their health and fitness, but this was bottom of the list of things to do for the trainers from a gym management perspective. Clients were left to figure it out. As a nation we trained harder, trained more, cut out carbs and fats, and still didn’t get the results we wanted. Either that, or gave up on the whole thing because we didn’t know how to approach it. For people who wanted to make a change to health, performance, fitness or body composition- this wasn’t good enough! So we decided to change it…

Enter FX Fitness Experience…

In December 2011, we opened the Fitness Experience. The goal was simple- create a client focused facility, where achieving the clients goals, and providing the best level of service possible was always the number one priority. Since opening, we have helped 100s of clients to achieve their goals- be it weight loss, body transformations, sports performance, health, performance rehabilitation, and more. The goal is simple- your FX personal trainer will provide you with ALL of the advice, guidance and expertise to take you to your goals- we will be there every step of the way. So, do you want to make a change? Contact us now!  



What We Offer

Since 2011, we have been delivering 1000’s of training plans every year, and have used this experience to develop our proven methods to get results. Our team of expert Personal Trainers offer scientifically designed and expertly implemented plans for weight loss, body transformations, muscle gain, overall wellness, yoga and pilates, ante and post natal, corporate wellness, exercise rehabilitation and referral, strength and conditioning and more! For more information, hit the link, or contact us now and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.

“our goal is to provide the best possible experience for you on your fitness journey. Our shared knowledge and expertise allows us to provide a bespoke and professional service within our unique facility”

Limited availability. Contact us today and take the first (and often most difficult) step towards your goals.